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Stephanie Gasher

Vera Titova

Linda Fleischman

Dr. Theresa Kelso

Jan Metcalf

Cree Scudder

Harold Ofstie

Dorate Muller

Muci Clemens

Kent Colburn

Robert McCall

Sherry Haaland

Barbara Bailey

Paulette Visceglia

Soozi Schuble

Jacqueline Roch

Andy Burnam

Elaine Greene

Paula Marker

June Hasbrouck

Stephen Yaussi

Holly Manneck

Judy Mercer

Eileen A. Lovre

Marilyn Woodward-Entry

Joanne C. Mohan

Phyllis Maulfair

Dawn Mill

Regina McCormack

Jessica Schmidt

Audrey Zinman

Michael Sol

Dorothy Napp Schindel

May (Margaret) Brandt

Candyce Klooster-Speck

Emily Treece

Kenneth S Argent

Dawn Morton

Anne G. Malsbary

Todd Lane

John McAleer

Peg Phenicie

Diana Farace

Marzia Verdi Kennedy

Marcy Von Kohorn

Lila Blakeslee

Susan Vachon

Koharig Ehrhardt

Patricia Forelle

Christiane Casella

Sandy Stevenson

Jennifer Berlin

Ernestine Vicari Stafford

Deirdre Bugbee

Christina Barber

Joan E. Lyons

G. L. Freed

Deborah Held

Steven Stregevsky

Stephen Perkins

Michael Feehan

Barbara Sharp

Judy Caldwell

Judy Burgarella

Sharon Sedlar

Mary Ann Hall

Gail Long

Sharon Morgan

Joseph Thomas

Sara Alfaro

Kimberly Connolly

Yvonne Sewell

72 - 700

Art prices are set by artists and reflect their direct costs, overhead and talent.  All sales are between the artist and the buyer.
The Vero Beach Art Club assumes no liability for sales or sales agreements and offers no warranty, expressed or implied.
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