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Acting Classes

Current Acting Class Information

New York Acting Classes

All New York acting classes are at John Strasberg Studios, 555 8th Avenue, suite 2310, between 37th and 38th streets.

New York acting classes are small. Both the New York 10 week acting program and the Intensive Acting Workshops for Teachers, Directors, and Actors, fill up 3 months in advance. To reserve a space, it is best to plan well in advance, and notify us of your desire to participate as far in advance as possible. Even then, we cannot guarantee that you will have a space until the ongoing session ends, and actors currently working have committed to the next session or released their space. Sessions are organized well in advance to permit actors to make their plans. Because the session is less than 3 months long, you only need a tourist visa. You do not need to apply for a special visa. If you come from a country with an agreement for the Visa Waiver Program with the United States you need to apply to ESTA Please read the rules concerning payments and refunds.

The New York 10 Week Intensive Acting Program for ongoing study takes place twice a year, in Spring and Fall.

The Spring 2019 10 week session will be from Saturday March 23- Sunday June 2.


The Fall 2019 10 week session will be from Wednesday October 16-Sunday December 22. 


The times and prices for the NY 10 week Full Time Acting Program are:

  • 3 scene classes plus both Technique and OSA, 175 hours, $4,900.00.
  • 2 scene classes plus Technique and OSA, 125 hours, $3,500.00.
  • 1 scene class and Technique and OSA, 75 hours, $2,100.00.
  • 1 scene class, 50 hours, $1,400.00.


Saturday 10am-3pm, Organic Creative Process, all acting technique taught in scenework, limit 10 actors work every week, 10 weeks, 5 hours/class, 50 hours, 2 scenes, $1400, $140/class.

Sunday 10am-3pm, Organic Creative Process, all acting technique taught in scenework, limit 10 actors, actors work every week, 10 weeks, 5 hours/class, 50 hours, $140/class, 2 scenes, $1400.00 for the session.

Wednesday 5pm-10pm, Organic Creative Process, all acting technique taught in scenework, limit 10 actors, actors work every week, two scenes per session, 10 weeks, 5 hours/class, 50 hours, $140.00 per class, 2 scenes, $1400.00 for the session.


Technique and Organic Script Analysis
5pm-10pm, 5 times in 10 weeks, $700.00.


The Technique and Organic Script Analysis acting classes are considered as one class. Participants are required to take both. This acting class is only open to actors working with Mr. Strasberg.

Tuesday 5:00pm-8:00pm, Technique-the Gym for the actor, Preparation, Sense Memory, Song and Dance, Character development, Private Moment, limit 10 actors, 5 sessions.

Tuesday 8:00pm-10:00pm, 2 hours/class, 10 hours, Organic Script Analysis, 10 actors, learning real thought, what the play is really about, how to understand the structure, and learn how this knowledge helps you to become deeply, personally involved with the character and play, and how discovering the essential realities in the play's structure help's you to focus and make the choices that bring you alive, and involved in the world of the play, taught in an informal, interactive discussion, 5 sessions.

Prices and times are subject to change.

New York Intensive Acting Workshops and Intensive Workshops for Teachers, Directors, and Actors

Twice per year, Winter and early Summer

July 15-26, 2019, there will be a New York TDA Intensive Workshop for Teachers, Directors, and Actors.

The early summer TDA Intensive Workshop for Teachers/Directors/Actors in mid July will be annoucned soon.

Organic Script Analysis for Teachers, Writers, Directors and Actors, 16 Teacher/Directors, 10 days, Monday-Friday 10-4, hours per day. 1 or 2 texts, plays or films will be analysed. The creative process of any teacher, director or actor is based on their reading of a text, as that will determine what they choose to focus on, in order to create and express the life in the text. OSA is a deeply personal, functional analysis which develops the artists ability to read, understand and choose. Also, teachers and directors will develop a clear sense of what their teaching and/or director process is. Teacher/Directors audit the Intensive Workshop for Actors, and there will be an interactive discussion afterwards, with question and discussion of teaching/directing techniques with Mr. Strasberg. For more information or to request to participate, contact Organic Script Analysis Intensive Workshop.

At the same time there will be an Intensive Workshop for Actors, 10 days, Monday-Friday 10-1, 2 scenes, 1 per week, work every day, 6-8 participants. Participants will also participate in the Organic Script Analysis.

The price is $1,680.00. contact January Actors Intensive


General Information for New York acting classes


Interview and Audit obligatory, $50, (except for foreign students, and those coming from out of New York).

Permanent auditing permitted and encouraged in all acting classes, 1/2 price.

Individual acting classes and Full Time Acting Program. For all New York information, contact Administrator

If you wish to speak to Administration, call 1 212 244-4403.

Intensive Acting Workshops are held in January and July of each year. Spring and Fall 10 week Acting Program sessions most often begin in late March and late September-early October. The dates for 2010 will be announced soon. The price is subject to change.

For information concerning rules and refunds, consult the workshop registration page. And our Rules and Information page.

Do not pay for any classes unless you have had confirmation of a place in the classes from John Strasberg, and/or the Administration. Any unauthorized payment for classes will be immediately refunded.
Paris Acting Classes


Paris Intensive Acting Workshop, Monday June 10th-Friday June 14, and Monday June 17-Friday June 21, 2019, each week with 10-12 actors, 25-30 hours, 1 scene, work every day, 750€.

For all Paris information, contact Catherine Mongodin

La Cie du Nez en moins: workshops on clown, taught by Catherine Mongodin. Contact Le nez en moins

Madrid and Spain Acting Classes 2019


Madrid- Monday September 30-Friday October 11, Monday-Friday 10-3, 1 or 2 weeks, 25-50 hours, 24 ACTORS, WORK TWICE A WEEK, 300-600€, auditers, plus Organic Script Analysis.                               Contact

Alicante- 2019  contact

A Coruña-June 24-July 5, 2019 contact                                      

Murcia -contact Tea-Tres

YouTube video


Vitoria- September 2019 contact


Montreal, Toronto, North American Acting Classes


Toronto- Teacher/Director/Actor Intensive Workshop 2019 $700CAN Contact John Strasberg.

Montreal- Intensive Acting Workshop, July 12-14, 2019, Friday 5-11, Saturday 10-4 and Sunday 9-3,10-12 actors, 15-18 hours, 1 scene, work every day, $500US. Contact John Strasberg

Europe and Latin America Acting Classes 2019


Milan    Two one week workshops, September 9-13 and September 16-2, 16 actors working 1 scene 3 times, 500€, and 22 actors working 1 scene 2 times, 400€ Contact

Berlin- Acting class workshop for Actors, and/or Actors/Directors/Teachers with Organic Script Analysis, 25-30 hours. Contact  Berlin

Bogota, Columbia contact   Bogota

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic contact Santo Domingo

To contact any of the organizers, click on the links above, or go to the Contact page on this website, pull down the menu, and click on the name and place you are interested in contacting, to send an email.

John Strasberg