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Intensive Workshop
Teachers, Directors & Actors

All teaching, directing, and acting work depends on the choices one makes. And, all choices are based on the reading and understanding of the text, be it a play or film. Like all arts, the artist sees, and interprets based on experience and knowledge.

I will send a separate email for directors in particular, but all potential participants should read this.

OSA is a deeply personal analysis. The play will be discussed in terms of what it is about, not in terms of one's opinion, but in terms of how one reads and understands what is written. Opinions must be based on a clear perception of the life of the play. Following through, the play will be broken down into sections. From Acts and Scenes, if they exist, each participant will break the text down into sections, call them beats or measures, of life. And, we will compare and discuss this, so that each participant develops their capacity to read, understand, and then, be able to choose what to focus on. And, create a deeply personal partition of life that becomes the basis of their creative work.

The workshop will also discover and develop the teachers' and directors' awareness of what techniques they know and can use, in training the actor, or creating and mounting a production.

As the Organic Creative Process considers Basic Training to be knowing yourself and knowing how to use yourself, what techniques will each teacher use to develop the actor?

This workshop will help each teacher and director develop their technique for teaching, writing, directing and/or acting. 3 hours per day, 10 days, 16 participants, $1260.00. Participants will also audit the Intensive Acting Workshop, and will be able to ask questions and discuss teaching techniques with Mr. Strasberg during the OSA workshop.

Simultaneously, there will also be a 10 day, 3 hour Intensive Acting Workshop, 6 actors working every day, 2 scenes, 1 per week, $1260.00. The work is based on developing each actor's Organic Creative Process, a deeply personal creative process based on developing a consciously, intuitive process that helps the actor to become deeply involved in the character's world, transforming him or her self. Good actors live in another world. Great actors live in another world as somebody else. Participants will also be able to audit the Organic Script Analysis workshop.

Teachers and directors will audit this class, though some may participate as actors if they wish. And, some actors may also participate in the Script Analysis Intensive, if there is space. If not, each will listen to Mr. Strasberg's dialogue with the actors and directors. The following class, teachers and directors will question and discuss their observations, which will help them to understand and develop their knowledge of what their own technique is, and how they will be able to develop an actor's Organic Creative Process, or their own directing process.

Understanding some of Mr. Strasberg's techniques working with actors will help each teacher and director to clarify their own means and techniques.

The Organic Creative Process begins with a good question and a good problem.

  • What are you thinking? Is that a real thought? Or, your idea of what you think the character is thinking?
  • Are you thinking about something real, or how you want to play the scene?
  • Are you doing what you want to do?
  • What are you focusing on?
  • What is the most real reality you are aware of?
  • Do you have a good sense of truth? Do you know how to use it?
  • What are you doing to try to become involved in the imaginary world?