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Time doesn't fly, but it does move faster than I would like sometimes. It has been too long since the last newsletter. I realize that with Facebook, emails, and other means, I have neglected the newsletter. Thankfully, several of you have expressed a sense of loss at not hearing from me in this manner. And, its true that when I write a newsletter, there is often some thought expressed in it that goes beyond simple information.


I'm old enough to remember writing letters by hand. The experience was more personal than email. It took time, which quickened the desire to make contact. I used to love the sound of my pen writing on paper. It was a much more contactful experience than writing on a computer, where I am always reminding myself to be careful. The words appear so quickly, it is so easy to write that one loses contact with the content of what one is writing.


It seems that, nowadays, for all the advanced means of contact, we make less contact in the true sense of the word. We communicate information, we spew feeling on Facbook or Twitter or whatever website or app we happen to favor in the moment. But, real, deep contact does not take place.


I've just returned to New York and begun the Spring 10 week session. My trip in Europe, where I was in Paris, Berlin, Milan, and Madrid was successful and eventful with many actors continuing their work together with me; which is always satisfying. When I speak with organizers in different countries the main complaint I hear from them is that most actors, when they are working, don't think they need to get better, or learn anything. I come from another world, the world in which working actors of all levels continued to work on themselves, wanting to get better; because they had dreams of getting better parts, of becoming the best actors they could be. They were not complacent to simply earn a living. Let me be clear, I have nothing against earning a living as an actor or director. But, the deeper question is- What are you going to create when you work? Do you just rely on simple naturalism as most do, whether they are good or mediocre or bad? Or, do you strive to be the best you can be? I know what my answer is, and no one can make me feel foolish for taking my work seriously. Luckily, I know many cases of actors who work hard getting better roles over time. What do their "friends" and "colleagues" think about that? Some are indifferent, some are simply jealous, some just think the person is lucky. Do they have enough contact with life to recognize the difference between the satisfaction of an immediate material successs and the satisfaction that follows from the desire to better one's career and oneself?


My advise is to never give up; neither your dream, your desire, and you willingness to work hard.


My schedule is in flux, as I was supposed to go to Barcelona after the week-long workshop in Paris (from May 29-June 2), but Barcelona has been cancelled. I am in the process of organizing my time, which includes scheduling time to finish editing my film Adams' Apples ( a film version of the play I wrote and directed several years ago), and preparing my book for publication. It is a book about my family and Marilyn Monroe which should be released in the fall.


However, I do know that the Summer Teacher/Director/Actor Intensive workshop in New York will be from Monday July 3-Friday July 14.


And, I will be in Montreal for a weekend workshop from June 30-July 2.


After vacation, I begin in Milan for two one week workshops August 28th-September 1, and September 4-8.


Then, I go back to Vitoria again from September 11-15.


And, finish in Europe with two weeks in Madrid from September 18-29 (where I will also continue to teach a course in Organic Script Analysis, in addition to the scene study.)


The New York Fall 10 week workshop will begin on Saturday October 7-Sunday December 18. 

I will send a short bulletin announcing my dates in June.