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Acting Teachers
Development Workshops

"If there's one thing I want to teach actors, it is that an artist has two best friends, himself and the play."

The teacher development workshops are for educators at all levels of development, those that have been teaching for years, and those who wish to teach. Workshops will emphasis the development of each teacher's personal creative process, and understanding how the principles of the Organic Creative Process, and the Nine Natural Laws of Creativity, help to personalize, expanding, and freeing their own teaching process. Because the Organic Creative Process is not mechanical, it does not have a mechanical idea of correct thinking, that we all seek to attain, it does not have a set of exercises that everyone must learn, nor a language of acting. It does not program each teacher like a machine, to think that teaching an artistic process is a mechanical process, where we program the brain to create life. The focus is on knowing yourself, knowing how to use yourself, so that each teacher develops their capacity to be contactful with each actor they work with, learning how to define, recognize, and develop the actor's talent, imagination, real, functional thinking, and capacity to focus, and become involved in the imaginary world of the character and the play.

Workshops will explore a variety of techniques that teacher's use, from Strasberg, Adler, Meisner, Grotowski, and other domains, like sports, types of therapies, and mind-body work, to understand the function of these exercises, understanding what natural human quality they are developing, because if each teacher understands what the exercise is training in the actor, in the human being the actor is, this understanding frees the teacher to use the exercise or discover another way to develop the actor's natural capacities, and Organic Creative Process. Participants will share, demonstrating some of the techniqes they use, so that we can understand and develop them, and learn from each other.

Workshops will also have informal discussions about plays, to develop each teacher's Organic Script Analysis. This is not a mechanical, correct analysis, not the idea that there is a perfect interpretation that we all aspire to understand, an ideal Hamlet that we all aspire to, but that there are many different interpretations, many Hamlets, and all of them could be true. It depends on the individual's perspective, knowledge of life, and life circumstances. Organic Scirpt Analysis is personal. Certainly, we learn to recognize that some choices, some interpretations, are better than others, but we must learn to determine this by what each teacher knows, and is able to access, understand, and communicate, about life. Because, there is no ideal, perfect, mechanically correct analysis. See this following link to find out more: Organic Script Analysis.