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Theater Information

The Studio/Theater space (view Theater space by clicking on the images below) measures 17'6"'W X 24'6"D. The stage space can be changed, but is normally in a form that is 17' wide X 16' deep, with a curtain that separates the space into a playing space 17'X12'6", and a dressing room that measures 12'X4'6". The floor is a black, laminated, modular, dance floor, and can be moved and changed. Personally, I directed a major production of a play with a full set and 24 actors in a space slightly larger.

It is a beautiful, intimate, working space. One can rehearse or play with the windows exposed, giving the studio a beautiful, New York view. Or, isolated with the black, velour drapes. It is large enough for most scene and technique classes. The floor is silent and comfortable to work on, and it has enough give to be used as a dance floor.

The space can also be used for events not related to theater, lectures, readings, etc. It can seat 20 + people comfortably. And, the conformation of seating can be easily adjusted. As there is a kitchen space, though there is no cooking capacity, the space is very usable.

Theater Space Gallery
(click image to view Gallery)

Theater Space Video Walk through

There is a professional lighting board with 24 channels. LIghts for classes and rehearsals are LED's, variable white, which give very good variety of day and night color. They run very cool, and the room is air conditioned when necessary, but there is fresh air with the windows open. More stage lights are being added, which will be available for performances, at additional cost.

When using the studio/theater with the dressing room configuration, there is a decent space for several actors to change and prepare, with shelving, a coat rack and sufficient props and tables, lamps, etc. that can be used upon request.

For sets and props, we use black, wooden cubes that can be used to make beds, sofas, and other spaces, as well as several tables and chairs. Summing up, it is an comfortable, intimate space, that is large enough for groups of actors to work and perform in.

If someone wants to use the space without the curtain and dressing room, the gallery//exhibition/rehearsal/meeting room can be rented together with the studio/theater. You can see the prices in our online store.

The Gallery/Exhibition/Rehearsal/Meeting space is a small, but adequate, versatile space. And, like the entire studio space, centrally located. There is a row of track lights for exhibitions of painting, sculpture, photography, etc. Actors can rehearse a scene, the size is adquate to comfortably accept a table and chairs for readings and meetings. It measures 9'X12'. It is normally left empty, but can be rented with tables and chairs for various events.

If you wish to rent the space, you must first contact us, either by email (New York Administration address on our Contact page) or phone 1 212-244-4403. After you have confirmed the availability of the space with us, you may reserve it, and print out and mail, email, fax or bring the rental agreement below, with you when you come.

Once you download the Agreement it can be filled out and sent electronically by using Adobe Reader