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John Strasberg's

Acting Classes & Workshops

"If there's one thing I want to teach actors, it is that an artist has two best friends, himself and the play."

I teach you to become the best professional actor with your own unique individuality; eventually applying the process to auditioning and performing. Reaching that level is at least a two to three year period of work: Becoming a master artist or craftsman is a lifetime of study. I grew up when successful actors were humble enough to continue working on themselves and their craft; after they were famous. The Actors' Studio was unique in the world, and my work continues to embody that love, passion, discipline, and dedication.

My work commitments include directing and teaching in New York, Europe and Latin America. I am in New York six to eight months out of every year. I teach two ten week sessions in New York, in the spring and fall; and conduct two, two week, Intensive Workshops in New York (in January, July). To see the exact information about dates, times, number of actors, prices, go to Current Class Info.

I want actors to read plays, and develop their work based on what they dream and imagine when they read. My work concentrates on the actors Basic Technique; knowing yourself, and knowing how to use yourself. It is based on the Nine Natural Laws of Creativity. In the Tuesday Technique and Organic Script Analysis, as well as the scene classes, we work and study all kinds of plays - Political Plays - Comedy and Tragedy - How the text changes the way we get involved - Involvement and Transformation - Shakespeare and Sub - Text - American playwrights, etc.) What scenes you work on depends on what I believe best develops your creative process. Scenes are worked on in all stages. Actors learn an organic process. Involvement, dreaming, imagining, flashes of insight, understanding, and learning how to read and understand the script, is what is important. Technique is not a mechanical, linear process. Class feels like a rehearsal, more than a class. Depending on my schedule, I also develop projects with actors whose work I feel is professional, Or, with actors who need the experience of applying their work in front of a public, to continue developing their creative process in class.

I accept people of all ages and experience that I believe I can teach. My criteria are my belief in your need and desire to make the necessary, deep personal commitment; and your understanding that developing your creative process is a dedicated, lifelong, passion. I may advise you to work with other teachers, if you need to focus on some particular aspect of your creative process. Obviously, there is more to learn than what I teach.

I speak English, French and Spanish. Actors work in every class, though it's important to know that you learn half of your craft observing. Actors, directors or professionals who have limited time period for working, must contact me in advance to reserve space. I encourage all actors, but especially those who live outside New York, or outside the United States, to take the Intensive Workshops.

If you decide you want to study with me, I will set up an interview, along with an audit of a class (there is a $40.00 audit fee). I want you to experience the class before making a commitment; although you cannot understand the creative process that is being taught. Bring or send a picture and resume. If you live outside the New York area, call, send me a letter or use our Contact page. Once accepted, you may register here and begin classes, if space is available, even if a session is in progress.

I hope to hear form you, and I look forward to working together.

John Strasberg