Commercial Trailer Renewal
COMMERCIAL TRAILERS [O.S. Title 47 § 1133][Rule 710:60-3-94]

Commercial trailers are trailers used in a commercial enterprise. Such trailers must be pulled by a commercially registered truck.
  1. Issue non-expiring commercial trailer plates for commercial trailers, regardless of their size or weight.
    Exception: Trailer Mounted Special Mobilized Machinery receive expiring commercial trailer plates. Trailers used primarily for the purpose of transporting unfinished and unprocessed forest products {logs, ties, stave bolts and posts} from the point of production or harvesting to the point of any processing receive forest trailer plates.
  2. The non-expiring commercial trailer plate is initially issued at a fee of $46.00. Thereafter, a fee of $7.56 is to be paid annually for each trailer or semitrailer.
  3. The fee of $7.56 shall be due and payable on January 1 of each year.
  4. Upon each transfer of ownership, a new plate and registration will be issued at a fee of $46.00, regardless of the time of year transferred.
  5. Non-expiring commercial trailer plates are not limited to cargo carrying commercial trailers.
    Example: Office trailers and concession trailers are to be issued non-expiring trailer plates.

Additional fees will be added (insurance, mail, fax, convenience, shipping or handling and any applicable penalties)

This form is for renewals only. Initial registration must be at the agent's office.

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Tag agent is not liable for items mailed to the above address. Be sure vehicle described on this form is the vehicle you want to register. Your Tag Agent will E-mail you with a Notification of Receipt.

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