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By completing the form below, you'll be included as a possible participant in our marketing research studies. Please only fill out the registration for yourself and not on anyone else's behalf! If your demographic profile fits the criteria of the research study we're conducting, you may receive a call from one of our interviewers. The interviewer will ask you questions to see if you qualify for that particular study. If you qualify, you'll be invited to participate.  Each person in your household over the age of 18 that would like to participate must complete a separate form. The fields that have an asterisk (*) are required.  Please enter all dates in MM/DD/YYYY format.

Please be sure all information is entered correctly before submitting. Make sure to enter the city and county where you live, and make sure it is spelled correctly. Common mistakes are the county being misspelled, the state being entered instead or many put "USA" because they glance and think it says "country" instead of "county". Why is this important? When we select people to be called or get email blasts, one of the things that is always selected is "county" so that we are contacting people that are in the region we need. If the county information is incorrect, often that person is never selected to be contacted.

Once you have completed the form, please be sure to add to your email contacts in order to ensure you receive email communications from us.  After submitting the form you will receive an email confirmation.

If your group is participating in a fundraiser enter your School or other Organization and Class ID Below. Please contact your school or organization for the ID number.

Your information is never sold or given to others. It is used only by Personal Opinion, Inc. for the purposes of contacting you for marketing research projects. Our interviewers will always identify themselves as a Personal Opinion employee and will never try to sell you anything. We are only interested in your opinion!

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