- Upgrade Pricing -
for Current Users of ScoreKeeper

Upgrade your earlier version of ScoreKeeper at substantial savings!  Prices shown here are for "like-to-like" upgrades ... for example, upgrading an earlier100-golfer Standard edition to a new 100-golfer Standard edition.  For other upgrades, please call or send us an email for price information.

Most upgrades from Versions 10.0 or later are discounted by about 50%Only registered users qualify for upgrade pricing.

                     ScoreKeeper Users          ScoreKeeper Users
                Versions 10.0 and 10.5             Version 9.0

* STANDARD edition:
     5 Golfers		      $19.95                        $24.95 
    20 Golfers		      $24.95                        $29.95  
   100 Golfers	              $39.95                        $54.95
   Unlimited Golfers          $49.95                        $79.95

    20 Golfers		      $29.95                        $39.95
   100 Golfers		      $44.95                        $64.95     
   Unlimited Golfers          $59.95                        $89.95 

* CLUBHOUSE edition: 
   100 Golfers                $79.95                       $119.95  
   Unlimited Golfers         $109.95                       $169.95

To Order an Upgrade

Close this browser window to return to the ordering page.  There you can order on-line, or print an order form for use with mail orders.

If you elect to order on-line, please note that the prices shown on the order form are for new customers, not for upgrades.  But... check the box labeled UPGRADE, and we will charge you only the UPGRADE price shown here, not the new-customer price.  We will confirm the upgrade price in the email which we send containing your download instructions.